I just heard about another awesome kickstarter gadget. One that would fit incredibly well together with the other VR things from my post way back.

This thing is like a rumble pack made right. Playing the lowest frequencies of any music into your body and tricking your mind into being right there, at Rock in Rio or City 17.

I really feel like setting all these things up into some kind of VRcade. Sweat is a problem, though, in my mind at least. And funds, I’d have to kickstart this somehow.

Also, there will be a Christmas special. So stay tuned for Sunday.


The real future of gaming?

In the wake of E3 we find ourselves fed the industry’s vision of the future, the big reveals of the PS4 and the XBONE  Although some argue the number of actual consoles this generation. Some people think that this is the last console generation as such. Through Kickstarter we’ve received several new vistas for our gaming needs.


The OUYA bringing back classics through an emulator in your living room. And some other Android-based games. With the much smaller price-tag (read one-fourth) of the PS4 and it’s vast library of games that are substantially cheaper. It shows that indie games are the next step in gaming.


Many have awaited the arrival of the VR-headset, which has been a dream for many years. The Oculus Rift finally made it happen through kickstarter, and maybe with help of the resurrection of 3D film. While it is not a console in itself, and all console support is very speculative. It brings up the question on whether we need consoles. I think that we do, but that it depends very much on Sony and Microsoft not to make themselves a thing of yesterday. Living in the tablet age, nobody has a computer anymore, and a console is much cheaper if one desires gaming. I see huge potential in tablet and console removing the desktop from many homes.


Diving into VR, we really need to use our hands inside this new reality of ours. Using the controller or mouse and keyboard, just feels dull with the new-found dimension. Sixense might have just the thing to couple with our Rift. Maybe we will also see the rise of gun-controllers as the FPS is a very natural platform for VR.


The thing that I would want more than these controllers, though, is MYO. There’s no need for controllers, use your hands. There would be more opportunity to reshape the experience with a completely new interface. Just imagine skyrim with it, swapping spells by changing hand gesture just like in-game.


This is one thing that excites me alot. I have had many ideas for different contraptions like this one in the past. The Omni is a little bit more clever than my sketches ever were. Translating your running, crouching, jumping into the game has always been a bit of a dream on my part. And now it is soon to be real, even though I probably won’t fit it in my living room or any other room for quite some time.

Imagine now that we had full PS4 support for these items, and that it was possible to play PC titles available today on it. No matter how unlikely that is. There wouldn’t even have to be any games designed for it, at least to begin with. Oculus Rift already has alot of support in Unity and Source. The Omni translates into keystrokes and could be plugged into any game out today. The MYO would be able to translate the gestures similarily. You could probably play at least HL2 after some tweaking, straight out of the box.

That would mean that in early 2014 you could get the whole VR dream package:

PS4 $399 + 2x MYO $298 + Oculus Rift $300 + Omni $448 = VR $1445 = £954 = €1113 = 9781 SEK

Which is quite a sum. But not considerably more than buying a “Real Gaming Computer”. And with some tweaking and modding, it would be available to anyone.

The future is at the gates.



Just the thought of growing up to be a cool guy like Bruce Willis. Mind-boggling! This is probably my best work this far. Quite proud of it. Hope you enjoy.

Persson has brought up the Last Airbender again. As you might not know, we have quite different opinions on the qualities of that show. I have submitted to the constant praise, and agreed to give it a try. In exchange, Persson will watch Cowboy Bebop, which by the way is a pure soul.

I have never been a huge fan of Muse. But their latest song, is something else. Entirely. The amount of new music that has found it’s way to my ears lately has been poor to say the least. Probably since I have yet to install Spotify on my new computer. I’m actually quite excited for some new tunes. I’ll probably do it right away.

Meepo. I can’t get my head around this character that quickly takes Alchemists place as the new worst W/L ratio. The amount of micro that is needed to safely guide him to victory is vast to say the least. Being in two, three places at the same time. I would so much like to be good with this ugly little geomancer. But I just can’t seem to figure it out. I thought Chen had a steep learning curve.

I watched the Tintin film the other night. And I was positively surprised. Didn’t expect it to be this good. Although I still don’t like what they did to Hergés style. All animated films have that stupid look to them. It’s the shading and the materials that they put on the characters. It could’ve been simpler. But I guess they did alright, I was able to oversee it in the end.

I am intrigued by Looper, I really don’t know what to expect. I mean, it’s got time-travel and good actors. A director formerly known for Evil Demon Golfball from Hell. Just anything could happen.

And with that, cheers.