A new beginning

We, the homies of Zvenne have long contemplated the adventure of film making. And thus we have started on our own little project which will bring us to a point where we can make film.

The first step has been to acquire the inspiration and creative basis that will support our coming experiments with filming. We’ve done this by setting a goal of 30 log-lines to be created before the last of October. That is tomorrow. After our get together today, we’ll probably get it done by then. Which is a great step forward.

Also another step is to make a list of clips that inspire us. Though maybe not as well cemented with the rest, I have added the following two to the list. And beware! Spoilers are ahead.

Fringe S05E01

Greatest piece on hope I’ve seen, like ever.


Cowboy Bebop The End

Such a great ending. Short, direct, powerful.


And with that we’re working on towards the next goal.