At a 7-eleven, 2:30 am in 1987

As I’m writing this it’s late Tuesday the 4th of June, and I’ve just seen one of the best documentaries in my life. I was sitting by my computer looking through my collection of RSS-feeds when I fell over it at One Cool Thing a Day, and now after seeing it I don’t know what to do with myself. I had planned to just check off all the unread stories and then watch Following but now I don’t want to. All I want to do is just sit here in my chair with my coffee and think over what I just watched. It made me reflect on myself, my time and space, giving me a view of a greater world so that I can critic the faults of my own.

So it’s this short goofy movie from 1987’s Florida. A gang of friends has gone in to a 7-eleven with a camera and are just filming the store and interviewing the customers. I think it’s the most charming, sincere and funniest un-constructed nine minutes of what’s essentially nothing, I’ve ever seen.

I often times don’t tread too far into the comments of Youtube, because I know I won’t find anything of value down there. But in this case where else could I have gone? And I think that l33tshoe put it best when he said “this is so weird seeing perfect strangers talking to each other. in 2013 its WHAT U LOOKIN AT FAGET”. As I was watching this I thought, oh I want to live in america or somewhere else than in super-introvert Sweden. But l33tshoe’s a canadian (we’re both socialist-scums (kidding ofc) with cold climates) and if it’s the same there as here then I’m probably all out of luck. But should I have to flee? Who doesn’t want to live in this utopia?

Judging myself I’m not the most conversational guy in the world, and I’m probably closest to the Mexicans who mostly ignores them and try to get away from them, then to any of the other characters. Yet I know people who are worse of than me. I feel bad for using his name so often because I know it’s funny that I picked a stupid comment off of Youtube and in someway I feel like I’m lessening Chris Iller’s “2:30am at a 7-11 near Disney World – 1987” for it, but I think that the l33tshoe observation of his surroundings through this nine minute documentary is the perfect evidence that this is a movie which will effect people. And it doesn’t critic the current age, instead it shows you something more, and let’s you critic it yourself. It’s an ageless piece of the world which can be appreciated throughout the ages.

I don’t want to sound like I’m looking back upon a time and feeling some nostalgia and a want to convert back into that era. It most defiantly had it’s problems. But I want to go back to that place during that time, or rather I want that place and that time’s energy and nativity in my everyday life.

The film is available over at Youtube, and I highly encourage you to see it. Although if anyone reads this they’ll probably watch the movie too so, I hope you LOVE IT as much as I do.