I just backed Outerlands Season One

If you haven’t watched any of Area 5‘s work earlier they are a production studio that has specialized on making videos for video game companies. Their latest works include a documentary for Naughty Dog’s big 2013 hit game Last of Us and another for the 25th anniversary of the well-known legendary Street Fighter series.

For me I know Area 5 not because of these documentaries that they’ve started making lately. But rather through a video podcast they started doing on the internet video network Revision 3, named Co-op, which I think was quite similar to their earlier show The 1Up Show for the now discontinued video game site 1Up. It was a weekly episode with some sketches centered around video game culture starring the five crew members combined with casual discussions of the video game medium, often featuring beautiful shots of San Francisco.

So this documentary series which will run for six episodes seems to be something more like A Life Well Wasted, a podcast about video games that I’ve talked about before, than their earlier Co-Op. Meaning it’s a documentary about the people who loves video games rather than video games themselves. A video series about enthusiasm and love, documenting the different forms people choose to express these feelings through.

I backed this because I like the people behind the project and I find the subject interesting. From what I’ve seen they know what they are doing and their craftsmanship isn’t just on the amateur level, they know what they are doing. If you like the subject and think it’s a documentary series that need to exist then I think you should help them to reach their goal.


Day 10. Your Favorite Documentary Film

I don’t know about you, but I can almost watch any documentary film at any time. There is just something about documentaries that fit into my life no matter which mood I’m in. It doesn’t even matter which topic or event it sets out to explore, I’m always along for the ride when it comes to this genre of films. And out of all the many great documentaries I love, We Were Here, The Devil and Daniel Johnston and Hearts of Darkness I am going to choose Dig!.dig-title

A documentary cut together from several years of filming this is a film about two bands and their relationship. On one hand we have a band that’s constantly on brim of collapse lead by a mad genius who is too unconventional for his own good and on the other a band that’s tight, gets along and who isn’t afraid to make radio-friendly alternative rock music. It’s a tale of admiration, jealousy and the love-hate-relationship between the Dandy Warhols and the Jonestown Massacre.

The two bands are just starting their journey to becoming the next big band, with a lot of partying and musical exploration. There are a lot of footage from live appearances by the bands and behind the scenes antics. But then the Dandy Warhols manages to get a hit single done and the interest from labels peak, they are offered contracts, music videos and world tours. But their old friends from the Jonestown Massacre doesn’t quite seem to get it together, and as tensions starts to build between the two the constantly mind-altered frontman of the Jonestown Massacre starts to stalk members of Dandy Warhols and becomes stranger and even stranger.


It’s a journey through drugs, break-ups, weird studio deals and weirder recording projects. Fights on and off stage it’s a train going of its rails and wrecking a psychologically troubled yet talented musicians career and life. There are situations of people wanting to help and wish good luck, but also situations of audiences pouring gasoline into an already devastating fire.

So then now that you know about my favorite documentary film let me and other readers know of yours. Or why not try argue my choice of documentary film. This and much more you can write down below in the comment section, there’s plenty of room.


At a 7-eleven, 2:30 am in 1987

As I’m writing this it’s late Tuesday the 4th of June, and I’ve just seen one of the best documentaries in my life. I was sitting by my computer looking through my collection of RSS-feeds when I fell over it at One Cool Thing a Day, and now after seeing it I don’t know what to do with myself. I had planned to just check off all the unread stories and then watch Following but now I don’t want to. All I want to do is just sit here in my chair with my coffee and think over what I just watched. It made me reflect on myself, my time and space, giving me a view of a greater world so that I can critic the faults of my own.

So it’s this short goofy movie from 1987’s Florida. A gang of friends has gone in to a 7-eleven with a camera and are just filming the store and interviewing the customers. I think it’s the most charming, sincere and funniest un-constructed nine minutes of what’s essentially nothing, I’ve ever seen.

I often times don’t tread too far into the comments of Youtube, because I know I won’t find anything of value down there. But in this case where else could I have gone? And I think that l33tshoe put it best when he said “this is so weird seeing perfect strangers talking to each other. in 2013 its WHAT U LOOKIN AT FAGET”. As I was watching this I thought, oh I want to live in america or somewhere else than in super-introvert Sweden. But l33tshoe’s a canadian (we’re both socialist-scums (kidding ofc) with cold climates) and if it’s the same there as here then I’m probably all out of luck. But should I have to flee? Who doesn’t want to live in this utopia?

Judging myself I’m not the most conversational guy in the world, and I’m probably closest to the Mexicans who mostly ignores them and try to get away from them, then to any of the other characters. Yet I know people who are worse of than me. I feel bad for using his name so often because I know it’s funny that I picked a stupid comment off of Youtube and in someway I feel like I’m lessening Chris Iller’s “2:30am at a 7-11 near Disney World – 1987” for it, but I think that the l33tshoe observation of his surroundings through this nine minute documentary is the perfect evidence that this is a movie which will effect people. And it doesn’t critic the current age, instead it shows you something more, and let’s you critic it yourself. It’s an ageless piece of the world which can be appreciated throughout the ages.

I don’t want to sound like I’m looking back upon a time and feeling some nostalgia and a want to convert back into that era. It most defiantly had it’s problems. But I want to go back to that place during that time, or rather I want that place and that time’s energy and nativity in my everyday life.

The film is available over at Youtube, and I highly encourage you to see it. Although if anyone reads this they’ll probably watch the movie too so, I hope you LOVE IT as much as I do.

Bobo’s x3 13/01/20


It’s Sunday the 20th and here comes one movie, one film and a piece of visual entertainment.

Beasts of the Southern Wild tells the story of young Hushpuppy who lives in the Bayou-swamps of Louisiana with her tempered father. They live there as part of a smaller community of people who doesn’t want to be part of the modern society. And as the climate crises gets worse most of them begin to move away for fear of the coming floods. But Hushpuppy’s father Wink stubbornly decides to stay. And things gets worse as Wink’s health starts to deteriorate.beasts_of_the_southern_wild__span

This indie-film has been nominated in four different categories by the Academy Awards; best picture, best actress, best directing and best adapted screenplay. It’s director Behn Zeitlin’s first feature-length film and it mostly stars a bunch of first time actors.

Its an interesting movie with an interesting location, interesting characters and an interesting view of the world which we get reflected through the young protagonists child-mind. Behn Zeitlin has really succeed in creating an original atmosphere and feel in this movie. And the performance he gets out of young actress Quvenzhané Wallis is great, and the acting over all is great in this movie.

Something from Nothing: the Art of Rap is a documentary film about hip-hop music directed and starring Ice-T. The documentary is an interview heavy one where Ice-T meets up with different hip-hop artists and asks them questions about the art of hip-hop and lets them speak about their passion for the music-genre.

art-of-rapThis documentary is mostly just a list of names from the hip-hop world. I didn’t like it very much, it all just felt to basic and I didn’t feel that it dug to deep into the art of hip-hop. It mostly just felt as if they wanted to put up a list of different artists and not necessarily to use the medium of documentary film to tell a story, the story of rap.

The questions Ice-T asks each artist he meets doen’t vary to much from person to person. And the questions in them self feel really poorly thought out and stupid. I can’t see any reason why anyone would want to see this movie. Maybe if you’re a novice in the world of hip-hop and want to learn more about it you could go on to the movie’s wikipedia page and use the staring list to use as a suggestion list for music to listen to. But the movie you can live without.

Ruby Sparks is a comedy-romance movie directed by Jonathan Dayton and Valerie Faris, written by Zoe Kazan and stars Paul Dano and Zoe Kazan. It’s a movie about a famous writer named Calvin Weir-Fields (Paul Dano), who wrote a beloved book when he was nineteen years old and now ten years later struggles to top his debut. One day he has a dream of a girl named Ruby Sparks (Zoe Kazan) and gets inspired to write a story surrounding her. This magically gets her to materialize, unknown to Calvin’s story and the origin of her creation.rs

I really liked this movie, it’s an interesting story of relationships, power and self restraint. I thought all of the characters in this movie were greatly written and well acted. Even Paul Dano who’s acting I can have a problem with in some movies (Looper, I love the movie but didn’t really care for Paul Dano’s performance). Yeah, so this movie about a fictional character becoming a real person has a lot of realistic fiction characters in it.

This movie I really liked a lot and thought I would go away from it thinking that it was one of the greatest movies of 2012, BUT then came the final scene and everything changed. This movie has one scene to many, a single scene that changed my oppinion of it so greatly. I went from loving the movie to hating the movie and all it took was one single last scene. It really is a shame, but well that can happen. I would like to know why they wanted that scene in there, oh well.

That’s my post for this week, see you next weekend.

Ha en bra dag

Bobos x3 12/09/21


Howdy! This is Bobo and here are three things you might want to check out this weekend.

Humble Indie Bundle 6 (http://www.humblebundle.com/) just launched this past Tuesday. If you don’t know what this Humble Bundle signifies then don’t feel confusion for I will explain. The idea these Humble Bundles are to let you pay what you want and get a bunch of games. And whiles in the purchasing stage you may adjust a bunch of sliders to choose whether to give your money towards the developers, to support charity and also if you’d like to give the site a little tip as well.

There are 6 games included in the current bundle; Rochard, Shatter, S.P.A.Z., Torchlight, Vessel and if you beat the average price you also get Dustforce. I’ve only played two of these games before, Shatter and Torchlight. Shatter is a modern block-breaking game with an amazing soundtrack. Torchlight is a Diablo-esque dungeon crawler wherein you proceed from level to level and beat multiple mobs to a bloody pulp. The sequel to Torchlight just got released and maybe you’d want to try Torchlight out for the price of; write down a number on this imaginary piece of paper, before purchasing the sequel.

I also had to embed their lovely youtube-video

Side by Side is a new documentary produced and narrated by Keanu Reeves. This documentary is consists of a bunch of interviews with people from the movie industry sharing their views on the new digital film format and how it compares with the standard celluloid film. And there’s a long list of well-known and lesser known director, cinematographers, editors, color correctors, special effects-people and projectionist included in this discussion. Nolan and his companion Wally Pfister (Moneyball rules), George Lucas, Martin Scorsese, Robert Rodriguez, David Lynch, Kevin Smith, digital pioneer Anthony Dod Mantle, David Fincher and Danny Boyle (Trainspotting rocks) being just two hand full of the talking heads appearing in this movie.

So if you’re even slightly interested in some of the decisions and work that goes into making a movie you definitely have to see this movie. It may feel like it leans a little towards digital being a good thing and might not come out as feeling one hundred percent neutral on the issue. Though if even the very well-known celluloid-lover Wally Pfister admits the possibility of him shooting on digital someday, you can’t feel like it’s the way things will be going. Digital vs film is definitely one of the biggest discussions in the film-industry today and here’s your chance to learn what this battle is all about.

And if you after having watched this movie would like to see another documentary like this one I recommend you to check out the documentary Visions of Light.

Thirty Flights of Loving is a very short, very cinematic, highly interesting game by Brendon Chung. It’s available through Steam for 4,99€ and you can also download the previous game Gravity Bone for free through Blendo Games website. You’ll most likely be able to play through both these games in under 3o minutes so they aren’t your time consuming massive-world Fallout 3’s or grindy MMORPG Guild Wars 2-like games but two short and very impactful games. Gravity Bone and Thirty Flights of Loving both share this very distinct spy-movie theme. And the sequel also tells this large storyline which has gotten chopped up and reorganized, in a Pulp Fiction-esque manor.

I thought a lot about this games cinematic-feel and how it isn’t very action-filled or have a bunch of choices in it, yet it really uses the interactive medium to great advantages. You mostly walk and at the most open a couple of doors in Thirty Flights of Loving yet it wouldn’t have the same impact being just a silent flick with a reorganized dramaturgy. I highly recommend this game to you who wants to play something original. Even though the first game, Gravity Bone, being free you really should shell out 5€ to get Thirty Flights of Loving aswell. I just feel that it’s a more complete product and an superior experience.

Yeah well that’s that then

Indie Game: The Movie: A Recommendation

Started just my day to see the documentary Indie Game: The Movie. A documentary by Lisanne Pajot and James Swirsky who take up the strenuous work as an independent game developers go through when creating a game. The film revolves around three different game and its developer.

Fez, which was created by Phil Fish. The game soon got an award at the Indie Games Festival in 2008 and has since gone through more number of different versions and we’ll see how Phil Fish is struggling trying to finish his game after many years of continuous work.
Super Meat Boy is a joint project between Edmund McMillen and Tommy Refenes. They are in the final phase of his work and shows how it feels to finally give out their game. The fact that after years of working maniacally to give out his game to the consumer.
Braid, developed by Jonathan Blow and each a great success 2008th What it’s like for him to have been giving out their game and meet all the comments the public had on his works.

This is a movie about the characters behind the games. How it might look like when a person put his soul into his work, why he chooses to do so and the emotional impact it has on the person. It’s hard not to empathize with these people who are going through one of those constant pressure from their work. Or feel gjädje for them when they have created is rewarded. When the work finally bear fruit.

4 Bob (s) of a possible 5