How I met YOUR mother

How I met YOUR motherThis is the true account of what the story would be like if I told it to my future children. I doubt there is enough material to do 8+ seasons in there.

So this last week, I’ve been stuck on Puzzle Craft. It is really addicting. I don’t know if I ever played anything with the same addiction factor. It plays out like a black hole, and the only thing that stops me from playing it 24/7 is the fact that it eats battery and I have to charge the iPod. The gameplay is a mixture of puzzle and simcity and Harvest Moon. Puzzle Quest some years back showed that puzzles can be grafted into any other game with awesome progeny. I wonder when someone will realize this and create a puzzle MMO; can you imagine the addiction factor of World of Warcraft AND a PUZZLE game?
Most of the game is spent connecting chickens and rocks in long lines so that they explode and fund future development for your kingdom. Every new building or research break-through augments your connecting from lowering the number of things you need to spawn better bricks, to increasing the amount of  better bricks spawning. There are two puzzle scenarios, the farm and the mine. (Just like Harvest Moon) And they play out a bit differently. The only problem I can see with this game is that it is free. There is an option to buy gold, but there really is no point to buy gold as you will have all you need and more from getting stuck with those puzzles. Even though that might not be a problem for me, it might be for the developers. But then again, there might be other people out there that can’t stand those puzzles, but still wants the castle.

I saw Les Miserables last saturday. It was impressive. Recording the singing live really did seem to lift the film. Russel Crowe did surprise with great singing. And it weighed up some of the worst CG stuff ever. I did like it.
The weekend continued in the mode of musicals as I watched Dr. Horribles Sing-along Blog yesterday. Pure awesomeness.

Finally, the weekend was finished by the documentary Searching for Sugar Man. Many things have been said about it. It is a great story told in a good film. I missed the “We found him finally”-break in the pacing. But other than that, good work. And we’re hoping for a Swedish Oscar.









Welcome to 2013!

This post isn’t based on any actual conversation or act of bullying. It’s just what my head kept telling me over and over again. I must say, to my defense that all of my apple prejudices were confirmed. I still wouldn’t buy anything apple, ever.

I know there’s been some annoyance over that last comic, how it didn’t have a punch-line or any context. It was an experiment at making a longer story arc. But that’ll have to wait. Next weeks comic will be another one like unto today.

It’s been a great big christmas season, with loads of must. And How I met your mother. Now this is an interesting show. I used to hate it until I sat down and watched the episodes in order. And it’s magnificent. The way that things occur simultaneously in serveral layers just blows my mind. Whenever you think to yourself “Why did they do that?” You get an elaborate explanation in another episode. And the characters are likeable, or in Barneys case, unlikeable as any character ever written. Especially Marshall. Also the show uses laugh-tracks in a subtle way which just makes me hate BBT more. BBT, on a side note, has only got bad sex jokes, autistic jokes, pop references and laugh-tracks that make you laugh even though you really don’t think the joke deserves it. Back on topic. The holidays has seen me watch about half a season a day of HIMYM. I really hope that we get more seasons on Netflix here in Sweden soon. They’ve only put up 5 seasons so far 😦

Upon hearing about Spec Ops:The Line I just had to see it for myself. I picked it up on the steam sale and played through the short (5 hour) campaign. I was excited for the possibility that this would be the game that touched on how bad war is for everyone involved. I was kind of dissappointed that it played like any other 3ps out there, with you massacring hundreds of soldiers. It did throw that back in your face later, but the story was easy to run past even though some sequences really touched you in a “What the hell have I done?” kind of way. So ultimately, it’s probably the heaviest story in a shooter to date, I just can’t seem to feel it.

Well, that’s it from me.