E3 Press Conference 2013 – Ubisoft

E3 2013
moves forward with the french video game publisher Ubisoft who has chosen to let Alice in Chain-guitarist kick off the show by endorsing the next set in the music-game genre, Rocksmith 2014. Ubisoft’s the only company still putting out these music rhythm games, right?ubisoft logo

The actor Aisha Tyler has returned to host this years Ubisoft conference as well. I mostly know her as a voice-actor from the fantastic tv-show Archer. She’s on stage rocking a t-shirt marks #girlwood to show of her enthusiasm. I find her to fit very well on stage taking us from one trailer to another, with maybe some glimpses of short European video game developers, and I hope she’ll return to host next years Ubisoft press conference as well.

The only experience I’ve had with Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell is with 2010 Splinter Cell: Conviction, and to me this trailer doesn’t say much more than that Splinter Cell: Blacklist will be available this summer.

I want to bring up the Rayman: Legends because I found it rather disturbing. This trailer has been rated PEGI-7 and it features some weirdly bouncy bosom physics and even some cartoon deep cleavage. I can’t say anything about the game though, I haven’t played a Rayman title since the ’95 released version.

The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot is a new IP that’s online and free-to-play. You build a castle to store your loot in, and put out a defense to try to secure your epic loot. Then you’ll go out into other players castles and try to steal all their epic loot. It’s a hack-and-slash game, in the vain of Diablo. It’s right now in closed beta though you can go over to their website and sign up for an invite if you want. They also showed a silly little mocumentary trailer for the game filled to the brim with bloopers and gag-reel material.

Last year during the Microsoft press conference they broth out Matt and Tray on stage to present South Park: The Stick of Truth, that was nice.
“Coming this holiday season, or some holiday season hopefully kind of soon. You know how video games are.” – Eric Cartman

So now’s the time for some next-gen gaming and Ubisoft’s driving game The Crew (you’ve got to have a driving game) makes the whole of America available for you to drive through. It’s an online centered driving experience where you can call in your friends for help without any need for lobbies. It’s fast and it’s vast, was the kind of impression I got from it.

A trailer for Watch_dogs, the game which stole E3 for a lot of people last year. It’s set for release to the current generation hardware this november and will come to the next-gen Xbox one and Ps4 afterwards. This looks like it could be a really cool game and one of the core reasons to buy a next-gen console early.

They also showed us their new idea for an interactive Raving Rabbids tv-show. A cute little show where your kids and watch and play, I don’t know how it would work. But it looked cute and those “rabbids” seems to be quite entertaining to the same effect as those tiny creatures in the Despicable Me-movies.

Assassin’s Creed 4: Black flag is the sixth (not counting the DS and PSP-games) major game in the series which started with the first Assassin’s Creed back in 2007. In this game you’ll take control of a pirate and be an assassin of the sea, i guess. I know the basic premise behind the game and beyond that this series seems to have thrown sense into the trashcan so that you can be a pirate instead.

Trails is a series of motocross game that’ll now get two versions. There’s Trails Fusion for the big living-room gaming consoles and there’s Trails Frontier which you can play on your smart phone.

The Division is an massively multiplayer game set in post-apocalyptic New York City. It’s been developed by the Swedish video game development studio Massive Ubisoft stationed in Malmö, Sweden. I think this game looks great, the empty streets look so beautiful and I would really like to explore this abandoned city. This Tom Clancy game reminds me and looks a lot like Watch_Dogs. There are two details I think you should look for in this video, the flashing back-light of the car glowing through the sewage steam, and the way the character closes the car door as he’s crouch behind cover. I love details like these, it makes the world feel alive.

押忍 闘え


This just in! What actually happened on the 21st of December last year.

This week I baby sat my brother-in-law. Which gave me a great opportunity to try out all of those demos that I’ve been collecting on my PS3. And some Wipeout HD that I got for free from the psn incident. Lego LoTR was a really good demo. You get to play the Helm’s Deep part, and though it is quite short it was great fun. The Lego games makes good use of cooperative play, which not many games do today. I guess that it’s a tough thing to incorporate in the story as you want people to be able to play games on their own. There is quite a risk to making a game that can only be played when you are more than one player. But being able to play through a campaign together with a friend improves the game alot. I remember Kirby Star Super Deluxe, any enemy could be converted into a helper that your friend could contorl using another gamepad. Or Sonic 2, where you could control Tails. I rememeber fondly how I played these games together with my brother, they were the best games since we didn’t have to watch when one of us enjoyed the game. I would really want to see more of these games.

Another demo that we tried out was the Rayman game. And I didn’t like it. It just wasn’t fun. Even though I’m usually a fan of Rayman.

And we played some Fat Princess. I really enjoy that game, even though multiplayer is really annoying trying to keep everyone on the same screen. And the servers are all empty nowadays. It’s too bad that it didn’t go all the way.

Wipeout was fun. The sixaxis steering messed me up. After three tournaments I finally got a decent position in the races. Feels like it got quite the learning curve. I really liked the speed and edge-guard. Wonder what it would be like to play this with the Oculus Rift.

Well that is my account of baby sitting.