Balls of Steel



We’ve seen Snyder’s Superman and we were not impressed.

I might have something inherently against the look of Snyder’s movies. Yes, the lack of fill light reminds one of comic book shading. I don’t really like that either.

The thing is though that it started out good with introducing Krypton. But it escalates quickly from there. Starting at the number of plot holes, which is just astonishing. It is as if nobody really cared about making sense. How Lois sneaks up on Clark. Why Zod wants to see Lois. The whole air makes people strong or not. It’s a very unrewarding film for anyone that likes to watch the plot closely.

Then the case has been made that this isn’t Superman. He doesn’t seem to care for the people around him at all, throwing trucks left and right. Plowing through skyscrapers. I myself haven’t got that clear of a vision of Superman, but it seems as if someone has been watching too many Marvel films.

The balls of steel is, obviously, a reference to the super fights in the film. They have the same choreography as the common pinball machine, and they take turns being the ball.

Most dissappoiting though, was the dialogue. It felt arbitrary. Like you could have swapped it for humming or rhubarb.  Those totally out of context “jokes”, aswell as the lessons in sci-fi. Which brings in the comic that I drew ater seeing this film. It is a recreation of a scene from the film, that turned into a sci-fi 101. And it happened so many times, and it’s about the worst way ever to break the fourth wall.

Balls of Steel



Also, if you don’t know what terraforming is, you probably don’t care.

And thus we present to you the new Z4 Film Rating System™, which is made up of two grades. RECOMMENDED- and NOT RECOMMENDED by Z4.