That feeling

This week, on that feeling you get. Is it inspiration or what? And what it does to people.

I watched Memento last weekend, and it was great the way the story was told in two directions. Not as good as Prestige, better than the Machinist. The story really had me confused, the clues were there, but they were all false. The way it is supposed to be. There’s been alot of mystery, lately. I finished Shutter Island wednesday, and the ending probably confused me more than it should have. I got some of the clues, but couldn’t really put them together to that. And I think I made too much of a certain passage.

The mystery didn’t end here though. I went on to read the complete collection of Shrelock Holmes. And while on the subject of “that feeling”, my feeling after reading Sherlock Holmes was, who is this person next to me on the train, where does he live, work with etc. Where is he getting off. A feeling which was in no way lessened when my guesses turned out to be correct.

So till’ next time, watch out for mystery.