What does Kanye West and Hideo Kojima both have in common?


Probably a lot if you would actually take your time and think about, which I’m not gonna. The thing I’m mainly thinking about is that they’ve both have given Guillermo del Toro’s upcoming film some praise.

So in a year with some rather lackluster cinema experiences this might be the movie to save us from mediocrity. I’m not a huge fan of Guillermo’s movies, of course I haven’t seen that many of them either. I thought Pan’s Labyrinth was good enough, apart from one frame in the movie which I though was fantastic to keep myself from spoiling anything I just want to say the words “head” and “stomp”, the editing and unexpectedness of that scene really freaked me out.But I hope that Pacific Rim is as good as the two none-critics tweet it is.

I have a list of all the movies I’ve seen from this year (eight in total, I see a lot of old movies) and the two movies to top the list are Iron Man 3 and Star Trek Into Darkness. And it pains me that these two should have to top my list and would really like for other movies to come and press them down a couple of steps. Two other movies that stand out for me from this year is Upstream Color, Shane Carruth’s latest film which I was so, SO, hyped for. Shane Carruth if you haven’t heard about him before made Primer, a smart low-budget film about time travel.

It’s one of my favorite films (and the few who’s went and seen it after my recommendation has also walked away loving it) period, having such smart and realistic dialog and being so unashamedly smart and uninviting, but at the same time a fantastic story which I’ve revisited from time to time. I think I say this too much but it’s the only film I’ve (and I don’t think too many others) saw three times the first time I saw it. The first time was joyous, yet a bit confusing, the second a little more of a puzzle to see how it all fit together and the third time was mostly because I’d spent so much time with it that day and why not see it another time before bed. (whoops, been derailed by primer)

I liked Upstream Color, it’s quite an unusual film which works in a lot less conventional space than Primer does. The movie made me feel a curtain way which few movies do and for that I like it, but I don’t love it and I’m not sure if I’ll ever watch it again. I’m not that sure that one needs to watch it twice the same way as with Primer. But hoping for Primer was unfair to the film and I think the two are hugely different from one an other.

The other movie which I was much more let down by was Nicolas Winding Refn’s horrible revenge film Only God Forgives. It’s not a film I would recommend to anyone. I wanted to walk out of the theater when I saw it, but I though there were are too few in the audience for it to be a clear sign of disapproval.

Refn’s previous film Drive I though was amazing, a quite yet tense action film about Ryan Gosling as a get-away driver. The opening sequence all-shoot from inside the car with the Chromatics song playing quietly is just amazing. And the elevator scene might be one of my favorite scenes though out movie-history. The director has also directed the Danish crime trilogy Pusher and yet another film high on my top films of all time, Bronson with Tom Hardy.

With this first half-year behind us what should we be looking forward to in the way of cinematic experiences? Well my list, not counting Pacific Rim, can probably get conduced into a list of five films right now. Hopefully even more films will get released and make it into my list of favorites, but right now my list includes:

  • Gravity, the up-coming film from director Alfonso Cuarón who made Children of Men, yet another amazing film. I don’t know anything about this movie, I don’t even know who’s starring in it, but I don’t care. That’s how I like to walk into a movie, without knowing anything before hand and just let it take me on a journey.
  • The World’s End which is the third film in Edgar Wright’s unintended Cornetto trilogy, where I guess Simon Pegg and Nick Frost stars in a comedic twist on the end of the world.
  • Spring Breakers which got quite a lot of buzz after it’s release as some sort of satiric comment on our culture from the perspective of some girls going to parties during spring break. It does also star James Franco as some suspicious character, whom you’d probably wouldn’t want your kids to party with.
  • Monsters University a new film by the famous animation studio Pixar has a new film, a sequel, out during this summer. I haven’t seen Cars 3, and wouldn’t want to either and I didn’t like Brave all that much unfortunately. But I’ve heard some good things about Monsters University. I did post the new trailer for Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs earlier and shared my love for the original, but that movie I think I would much rather see in the comfort of my own home. It’s not a movie I have to see this very instant.
  • Elysium is the much-anticipated science-fiction film from Neill Blomkamp. The director previously made the incredible science-fiction movie District 9, about prawns immigrating to South Africa. I don’t know much about this film either but it’s director, but I know that this one will feature Matt Damon with a shaved head. Also I have to mention that cute alien child from District 9, one of the best CGI-creations of all time.


Trek Wars

Trek Wars

The space-time continuum is a dangerous thing to mess with. I officially announce 2015, the year of bad film. Star Wars 7, Avengers 2 and World of Warcraft – the Movie.

I had a nightmare last night, of chips. They were all covered in salt, and no vinegar. The taste still clings to my tongue, and I hate it. It is quite retarded seeing how I haven’t eaten chips this side of the new year. I have to go fetch a glass of water. I also dreamed a dream of Tauren. But that is a completely different story.

Last friday I watched the final episode of Breaking Bads fourth season. The last on Netflix. It had everything that is good about the show crammed full into an episode. For me, the show could as well ended there. But Persson told me the fifth season is even better, so I guess I’ll have to wait for that to appear on Netflix sometime in the future. But ’till then, what am I supposed to watch as I eat lunch?

The taste is back in my mouth so I better go fix this somehow.