E3 Contest: 50+ Steam Titles

As it is the last day of E3 we have deviced  to host a contest with several amazing prizes.

We have watched all of the conferences and written about them. But we would like to hear from you. What was awesome about E3 this year, or did it suck? Was Watch Dogs gameplay all you ever dreamed of?

My favourite part was the DRM war, or how Sony got the best chance ever to get back at Microsoft.


40+ Dota 2 Beta Access Keys


6  Steam Trading Card Game Beta Keys

We also have copies of Left 4 Dead 2, Gish, Cogs and Cortex Command which will be distributed to the best comments on E3 2013.

Want to claim one of the great prizes? Great, here’s what you do.

1. Take a stand on E3 2013, vote in the poll.

2. Explain why you vote this way in the comment section below.

3. Tell us what prize you would like to receive.

4. Don’t forget to add your Steam ID!!! So that we can add you on steam and get you your prize.

Ready, set, vote!


Bobo’s x3 13/02/01


Greetings everyone! I’m here once again to taste your entertainment for cyanide. Because we don’t want you to die when all you wanna do is be entertained.

So it might seem like I’m playing a game of ‘How late can I get?’ even though I’ve actually been playing…

Don’t Starve is a survival game by a development studio named Klei Entertainment. The game is in beta right now and you can get access to this beta if you pre-order the game for 13,99€ (as I’m writing this it’s available for 11,19€) through Steam, and you’ll also get a second copy which you can give away to a friend. That’s how I got the game, it was donated to me by my friend Andres.


So when you first start the game you are lying asleep(?) on bare ground and a man in a suit wakes you up and you’re asked for how many days you’ll be able to stay alive. The beginning of the game might remind you of the beginning of a Minecraft-game. You start in the middle of a randomized world by cutting down trees and mining stone. You can build a little camp with chests, farm-lots and your very own science-machine if you want. You use the science machine to research(gather science-points) so that you can get new recipes and build new things and survive and explore more efficiently.  Though Minecraft stops being a game of survival and starts being a game of creativity pretty quickly, whilst this game does not.

For example this game has a day/night-cycle that spans over eight minutes and the longest I’ve managed to stay alive is eight days, so that’s just an hour long game. On average I probably just survive for three to four days so that’s about 30 minutes per game. When death happens, whether it be because you didn’t eat, you didn’t have enough material to make a fire or some monster just appeared and took what was left of your health, you will have to start from the beginning again. The only progression that you get to keep from game to game are your science-points and your researched recipes.

There are a lot of different monsters and creatures all around the world; pig-men, spiders, toads, birds and a goat who wanders around with a sack on his back and gathers stuff. So when you decide to kill something you click on it and your character hits it. It’s almost like a dungeon crawler, like Diablo or Torchlight in that sense. And Wilson (a play-able character) will have a line like “It’s you or me”. There are also cages so that you can capture wild animals and perhaps one day will be able to tame them, though I haven’t been able to figure out if that’s even possible yet.

The art-style of the game is rather Gothic and Tim Burton-esque and everything in the gameworld looks like it was made out of cardboard. I actually think it looks like it could have been taken from some kids pop-up book.

Well it’s an interesting world to adventure through so get the beta or convince your friend to buy it and steal the left-over copy.

Batman: Dark Knight Returns is the newest direct-to-video movie from DC-comics. It’s an animated film retelling the story from Frank Miller’s cult-classic Dark Knight Returns. It got distributed in two parts, the first came out September 25th and the second part Januray 29th. It’s the fifteenth direct-to-video animated movie to retell a DC-comics book.


So the Dark Knights starts ten years after the last batman sighting and Bruce Wayne is an old retired man by this point. Gotham is overrun with criminals and a new gang, the Mutants, are ruling the streets. Harvey “Two-face” Dent has undergone a huge facial surgery and his psychologist from Arkham Asylum deems him to be ready to go out into the real world again. Of course Bruce Wayne decides to put on his cape and cowl and the story continues from there.

I think it’s an interesting take on the Batman universe for three reasons.
1. Bruce Wayne is now an old-man who’s haunted as much by his parents death (Yes, still. It’s fucking batman what did you expect!) as by his former partner Jason Todd’s (The 2nd Robin). And I think that more in the comics than in this movie we get a view of Batman having to push himself far beyond his limits. And not just physically but a Batman who fights his own mental demons and insecurities. Having a constant struggle between reason and will.
2. We get to see Batman’s villains later in life with many of the gone through years of psychological treatments. And the effects this has had on them. They don’t seem to be the same as they were ten years into the past.
3. The view-point of the media. We get to see a bunch of news reports reporting on the Mutants and on Batman. Also a lot of televised debates on the topic of Batman, masked vigilantes and psychology. And the debate on whether the former crime-lords from Arkham should be let out to reunite with society again.

I’ve really enjoyed most of the direct-to-videos that DC has provided so far and can really recommend them to anyone who wants to get into DC’s world some other way than through comics, or if you’re a fan of the comics already, I really think it works both ways. Some of my favorites so far has been Wonder Woman, the Green Lantern: First Flight and Batman: Under the Red Hood so go check them out if you’re interested.

It’s been a while since I read Dark Knight Returns and the story wasn’t all to fresh in my head when getting into this movie. I’ve found that these books are really close to their source-material and don’t stray too far away from the comic-books. Though I thought one of the major characters seemed to be a bit older in this version than I remember her being in the graphical novel.

Atom Zombie Smasher is a post-apocalyptic zombie strategy game from Blendo Games. They’ve also released the great games Gravity Bone and Thirty Flights of Loving, which I’ve talked about before. It’s a low-budget game where you are set with the task of saving a city’s inhabitants from the on-coming zombie-horde. It was released in January of 2011.252px-Atom_zombie_smasher_cover

The game is played from a top-down perspective where you see the whole city as almost like a board with buildings, streets, people and zombies. Before the zombie horde begins to creep into the city to feed on it’s inhabitants you get to position you’re troops throughout the city. You can put out barricades and bait to steer the direction of the zombie-waves. Get your gunmen out into the field to protect the people. Place explosives to, you know, turn the undead into blood-splatter on the concrete.

When you complete your mission and have saved the required amount of civilian lives you’re brought back to the world-view. Here you can see a map with different areas. Areas which have people to save, areas which you’ve saved or areas which are controlled entirely by the zombies. It also keeps count of how many humans have been saved and how many have been turned into the undead through out your play-through.

I haven’t been playing this game all that much I have to confess. It’s a mix of me having a shitty computer which can’t run it all that well. It doesn’t seem to be a game that requires that much from you’re machine, but however my computer don’t have what it takes. And secondly this game also gets really tough really quickly, I’ve gotten stuck on a mission which I’ve played through multiple times and just can’t figure out which approach I should be taking. It’s similar to a puzzle-game in that way.

It’s available through Blendo Game’ own website as well as through Steam. I think I got it from some Humble Bundle but I’m not sure.

There we go, just a week behind but also just on time. Just like some sort of wizard one could say.
One could say.

Ha en bra dag




Steam sales have already told us that the word “enough” is not part of his vocabulary.

I watched the seventh season of Scrubs this weekend, and it just made me sad. They really should have ended the show after the sixth season. I dread the eighth season, and I’m not even going to watch the ninth.

Nothing else much has really happened this week. Except that Earthshaker build with Shadow Blade and Daedalus, which I really would like to try out.