I just backed Outerlands Season One

If you haven’t watched any of Area 5‘s work earlier they are a production studio that has specialized on making videos for video game companies. Their latest works include a documentary for Naughty Dog’s big 2013 hit game Last of Us and another for the 25th anniversary of the well-known legendary Street Fighter series.

For me I know Area 5 not because of these documentaries that they’ve started making lately. But rather through a video podcast they started doing on the internet video network Revision 3, named Co-op, which I think was quite similar to their earlier show The 1Up Show for the now discontinued video game site 1Up. It was a weekly episode with some sketches centered around video game culture starring the five crew members combined with casual discussions of the video game medium, often featuring beautiful shots of San Francisco.

So this documentary series which will run for six episodes seems to be something more like A Life Well Wasted, a podcast about video games that I’ve talked about before, than their earlier Co-Op. Meaning it’s a documentary about the people who loves video games rather than video games themselves. A video series about enthusiasm and love, documenting the different forms people choose to express these feelings through.

I backed this because I like the people behind the project and I find the subject interesting. From what I’ve seen they know what they are doing and their craftsmanship isn’t just on the amateur level, they know what they are doing. If you like the subject and think it’s a documentary series that need to exist then I think you should help them to reach their goal.


Day 13. Your Favorite Quote From A Film

I don’t know about you, but it seems to be time for Primer. Primer that low-budget science-fiction film about time travel, featuring a snappy dialog written and directed by Shane Carruth. Shane Carruth that person who I’ll mention from time to time be it related to the film Primer or his latest film Upstream Color, a film that came on to my list of favorite films from 2013. I adore Shane Carruth and I think that apart from his cinematic works he seems to be a great and greatly driven person that has had the good fortune to start a movie career so late in life.


Well, Mr Carruth’s film Primer and a quote I like, first of all if you don’t already know of Primer it is basically as my description up top a science-fiction film about time travel with a snappy dialog. But when it comes to the science-fiction it tries to put its emphasis on science instead of fiction creating an as realistic and smart depiction of time travel as possible. Two computer scientists stumble upon a creation that fascinates them and at the same time bothers them because they don’t understand what it is. After some tests they come to the fantastical conclusion that it’s a machine to use for time travel. It’s a quick film to watch and the puzzling plot ends just as you start to wrap your head around it. Many sites and sketches has been created and publish throughout the internet trying to explain and comprehend the events of the film.

Well I guess you have a well enough understanding of what sort of movie Primer is now. I could also point you to an old post by Ken where he shares some of his views on the film, Hands of Gold are Always Cold.


So then the moment we’ve been waiting for the quote. Here goes…

They took from their surroundings what was needed and made of it something more.

I think that’s a great quote about creativity in sparse environments and can also be about sacrificing some parts of life to be able to focus more energy on something else. It can be though about and dissected in many different ways I guess, but I like it as a quote and a sentence in a film.

If you know of a better quote from a film that you really like I would like to welcome you to our comment section. There’s one located beneath each post at all times, feel free to partake or create a discussion. A teacher of mine once said we have two ears and one mouth for the reason that we should listen more than we speak. To that I say we have ten fingers so type away.


Day 12. A Film That You Got Spoiled

I don’t know about you, but…

(Spoiler Warning: “Se7en”)

…I did this one to myself, this story is about two separate viewings of the same movie and it goes like this. One evening I was laying in bed, sapping through the channels as you do when this scene from a movie came up on-screen. It was of a big car driving through a desert. I didn’t know what film it was at the time, I hadn’t planned on watching it I just watch it because there was nothing else on at the time.


Now let me explain somethings, I don’t really remember when it was that I saw this scene, but I have three facts that could point me in the right direction. First of all Se7en was released in 1995 and it would probably take a while for the film to broadcast on Swedish television. Secondly I remember where I lived at the time, and when you live with a mother who likes to move around a lot it can help to know where you where. And lastly I couldn’t be too old because I hadn’t seen either Fight Club or Twelve Monkey’s yet, because I didn’t recognize who Brad Pitt were. So this would suggest that I was in my early teens.

So the scene plays along, the van drives through the desert and the thing that happens in Se7en happens. A head in found in a box and Brad Pitt’s character can’t restrain his anger but shoots Kevin Spacey as Morgan Freeman stands off to the side trying to talk him out of firing his raised weapon.


Now it’s time to forward the tape a couple of years to a time when I’m in my later teens. I’m attending high school, and instead of doing my homework I’m mostly watching a lot of films. I’ve seen some of the greats and I’ve learned who all the components of this scene are. We have the director David Fincher who has become my favorite director next to Terry Gilliam and Danny Boyle. After seeing Fight Club I wanted to seek out everything he has made and devour it. So I get my hands on a film named Se7en.

I didn’t think I’d seen it and it was this big hole in David Finchers filmography which I hadn’t seen. I remember liking the film, it was graphical and dark looked a bit like Fight Club in its color scheme and filthy scenography. It also starred Brad Pitt in a bit less crazy role, though it was Brad Pitt none-the-less. I was really into it and wondered where it was going to go.

The film went its course until a van was speeding down a dusty road in an orange colored desert and I thought I’d seen this somewhere before. My mind started to search for a connection between this scene and some other I’d seen before, you know like when you recognize someone on the street and wonder where you know them from. Then my mind figured it out and I was sad I had. I remembered back to that time when I’d seen the final scene of a film I thought looked interesting and was disappointed when it ended. And this time I was disappointed that I knew how it would end.


Well I would hope this has never happened to you. Especially with a film during that late ninties era when all films seems to have had a twist ending. Although if you do have a great example of a time when someone spoiled a movie for you let us know. You can leave your comment in the section underneath, just scroll down and you’ll find it.


Day 11. A Film You Watch When You Need A Laugh

I don’t know about you, but I really enjoy Kevin Smith’s work. His comedic sense and writing makes him one of my favorite comedy film makers. Starting out as one of many indie directors in the early nineties he wrote a screenplay about a store clerk, filmed it in the store he worked at and had all his friends join in as actors. Financed with credit cards the success of this, the first film he had ever made, kept him out of dept and launched a career that has lasted since.


He has built up a core audience of comic-book-geeks, pot-connoisseurs and pop-culture-enthusiasts through his many changes in his career. Kevin Smith has apart from film taken QnA’s and made it into something more, he has written comic-books, launched a TV-series and he is the host and producer of many different podcast over at SModCast.

Clerks, the story of Dante a clerk at a local food store starts out as he in the last-minute gets called into work. “I’m not even suppose to be here today” is a complaint that’s uttered multiple times as Dante feels remorse for his place in the world and lack of motivation to get his life together and move on. The store is next door to a movie-rental-store were Dante’s friend Randal works. His day is mostly spent on harassing costumers and being a over-all snotty prick that goes about life as if his actions doesn’t have any consequences.

Through-out the film people, friends of Dante or weird strangers comes into the store. There are customers seeking through egg cartons to find the best collection of eggs. Also the drug-dealing duo Jay and Silent Bob is constantly standing outside the store, dancing and rapping along to their boombox.


This is a funny film about a community of young restless people and their daily life. With themes of living life disregarding the effects they shall have later on in life these youngsters¬†live in bliss, as young people tend to do. Romance comes and goes, opportunities are past for the possibility of comfort, and it’s a fun film to sink time into. It’s nice for the moment to go into their world, even though you might not want to be their yourself it’s a place that most of us can relate to.

Small short samples of lines from Clerks such as “Berserker”, “37” former mentioned quote “I’m not even suppose to be here today” are lines of dialog ever fan of Clerks will be able to detect and repeat. And then there are also the reappearing topics of discussions such as sexual kinks and Star Wars, which usually appear in other Kevin Smith films.


To close this little entry I may add that Kevin Smiths movies and sense of humor isn’t for everyone, I mean few good things are, there are people out there that doesn’t like Monty Python for example (yes I know, it’s hard to believe). But if Kevin Smith’s films has passed you by I urge you to watch Clerks, which I think is a great way to start in on Kevin Smith’s filmography

Then there are the two following movies Mallrats, which is about two guys hanging out in a mall and Chasing Amy, which I would say is Kevin Smith’s best work is a film about a guy falling in love with a gay woman. These three films together with Red State stands-out as his best work. Dogma, Clerks 2 and Jay and Bob Strikes Back aren’t horrible though they aren’t in the same league for me personally.

So, what are your feelings on Kevin Smith? Would you watch something else when you need a good laugh in-front of the screen. I thought of picking a Louis CK DVD instead of Clerks, but it didn’t feel right. If you want to love or hate on my choice of film or share another film entirely then go a head and share down below in the comment section. Be first, be heard and stay frosty!